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360 Video Booth

What exactly is a 360 video booth? The 360 video booth is one of the hottest event experiences on the market. It is a video booth that captures 120 to 240 frames per second.

The guests stand in the middle of the platform while the video camera revolves completely around them to record a video, which is processed immediately.

Once the session is completed, guests will access to their 360 video on one of our sharing stations.  They will be able to email or text the video to themselves.


Pricing begins at $800 for 2 hours. Additional time can be added at the rate of $250 for each additional hour. The pricing includes the following:

  • Friendly Onsite Technician

  • Set up, delivery, & breakdown

  • Unlimited sessions

  • Surrounding LED lighting

  • Custom overlay

  • Dedicated digital album of all videos

  • Fun variety of props

  • 35-inch platform that can fit up to 4 guests!

  • Receive the videos instantly through Airdrop, text, email, or QR code

  • 360 Boomerang videos available

Please head over to our CONTACT page so that we can hear more about your day and send you our full package information!

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